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Lee Brice

Lee Brice (born Kenneth Mobley Brice Jr., June 10, 1979) is an American country music singer and songwriter, signed to Curb Records. Brice has released four albums for the label: Love Like CrazyHard to LoveI Don’t Dance and Lee Brice. He has also released fourteen singles, of which five have reached number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay: “A Woman Like You”, “Hard to Love”, “I Drive Your Truck”, “I Don’t Dance”, and “Rumor”.

He has also charted within the top 10 with “Love Like Crazy”, “Parking Lot Party”, “Drinking Class”, and “That Don’t Sound Like You”. “Love Like Crazy” was the top country song of 2010 according to Billboard Year-End, and broke a 62-year-old record for the longest run on the country chart.

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One Of Them Girls

That peels off the Bud Light label
Just might run a pool table
Roll your eyes if I call you an angel
Ain’t you one of them girls

I ask you to dance, you say no
Just to see how far I’ll go
Your song comes on and your eyes close
That’s when I know, yeahYou got your heart on lockdown

Got a wall I gotta knock down
Kinda wanna do a shot now
Come on, nowAnd you one of them girls that ain’t tryna meet nobody
You’re just here for the party

If I’m wrong, then stop me, yeah
You’re one of them girls that ain’t handin’ out your number
You like to make us want ya
You like to make us wonder

If you’re one of them girls
‘Cause I’m one of them boys
Who’d trade his whole world
YeahFor one of them girls
Who likes to act all quiet
Sexy, not even tryin’…

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